Choose a Green Company - Choose Brewer Farms Inc.

We offer wood recycling and mulch supply services in Chandler, Huntingburg, Evansville and the surrounding areas

Don't throw your tree debris in the dump and don't purchase cheap mulch from the store. Instead, rely on local recycling experts and mulch suppliers for help. Brewer Farms Inc. is your best choice for all your recycling and mulch supply needs.

Let's think about the environment and recycle materials & solid waste

Brewer Farms Inc. is an environmentally friendly recycling center that's dedicated to keeping renewable resources out of landfills in the Chandler, Huntingburg, and Evansville, IN areas. Our goal is to help business owners, commercial landscapers, school superintendents and do-it-yourselfers keep their properties looking their best. To do this successfully, we offer:

Our trained staff can help you calculate how much mulch you need for a project or determine what items on your property are worth recycling.

Mulch Calculator

Enter the approximate length and width of the area you want to cover, then the desired depth, then click "Calculate." The Estimator will give you an approximate estimate of how many cubic yards of mulch you'll need. *Standard Depth is 3 inches when calculating.

Mulch Calculator

3 reasons to select Brewer Farms Inc. for your project

If you're ready to start recycling or if you need mulch, choose Brewer Farms Inc. today. We've been helping homeowners and business owners for over 30 years in the Chandler, Huntingburg, and Evansville, IN areas. Below are a few reasons why you should choose us:

  1. We take recyclable goods and turn them into renewable energy sources, such as biofuel.
  2. All of our mulch is processed locally and made from the finest materials in the southern Indiana area.
  3. We have fast and affordable on-site recycling and mulch delivery services.

Call 812-683-4070 to schedule mulch or recycling services with Brewer Farms Inc. of Chandler, Huntingburg, and Evansville, IN and the surrounding areas.